Milo Free Public Library
Milo, Maine

Designed by Frederick A. Patterson of Bangor, Maine

(Based on the design of a library in Huntington, Nebraska, which was designed by the Sioux City architectural firm of Beuttler and Arnold.)

Eclectic Style

4 Pleasant Street, Milo, Maine  04463-1327

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A Brief History of the Building

1909 and afterward: After much negotiation on the part of the Women's Christian Temperance Union -- the group which established the first library in Milo -- a sum of $10,000 was promised from the Carnegie Corporation.

1921:  On July 27, the Milo Free Public Library Corporation was formed.

1922:  Ground was broken for the new building's foundation in May.  When the building was assured the W.C.T.U. dissolved its association and turned all library holdings over to the new corporation.

1923: The library was opened.

This building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

   another postcard view (with part of the library seen on the right-hand side)

2005 photo

T his photo and information provided by the Milo Free Public Library.


2009 photo